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“Canyon” Courses

What is a good golf course?  That is a debate that sparks a lot of controversy in golf today.

I see 100 shooters telling pros they have no idea what they are talking about in this debate.

There are several categories, IMO (see the word “dump” in Blog Vocabulary).

1.  A course that everyone thinks is a dump.

2.  A course that no one thinks is a dump.

3.  A course that good players think is a dump and bad players think is good.

4.  A course that good players think is good and bad players think is a dump.

5.  A course that I think is a dump and everyone else thinks is good.

I have discovered a concept that puts every course into categories 3& 5.

If the course has the word “Canyon” in it’s title, it is always a dump in my experience.

Big Canyon and Shady Canyon are two of the more exclusive and expensive clubs in Orange County, CA.

DUMPS!  Both of them.  Poorly routed, tricked up greens, non-inviting landing areas, too many places for bad golfers to lose balls, too many unnecessary obstacles for good players to play their game.

In case you think I don’t like these course because I don’t play them well, I broke par the last time I played Big Canyon and I shot well into the 60’s my only trip to Shady.

I don’t like courses that every hole gives you only one choice if you are a good player and no choices if you are a bad player.

Being difficult, unique and pretty doesn’t make a golf course good.

Canyon Crest, Dove Canyon and Steele Canyon.  Dump, Dump and Dump.  As a matter of fact, Steele Canyon has three 9’s and the “Canyon” 9 is the worst of the lot.

I am told Rustic Canyon is good, but I haven’t played it yet.

Also look for code words that might mean Canyon.  Like Creek, Valley, Ranch and Arroyo.

Also, the word Devil in any language in the title of a golf course should also give you a clue.  So if you see a course called Diablo Canyon, bring a lot of golf balls.

PS-All of these courses are perfectly fun to play if the object is to just enjoy the day and the scenery.  I just don’t want to play Q-school or the US Open there.

Golf Groupies

In the Monday request post I was asked about golf groupies and IMO, pro golfers have the best groupies.  In my limited experience on the PGA Tour and extensive experience on the Nationwide Tour I have formed the opinion that MLB, NFL and NBA groupies don’t hold a candle to the ones in golf.

Now if you like girls of the pole then you will disagree with me, but if you want quality and not quantity, the PGA Tour is the best place in this arena.

Not only are they a classier bunch, they can interact with you up close and personal and you can bring them home to mom without getting two hands on the hips and a dirty look.