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“Phil CHEATED!!!!”

I am sure many of you have heard that Scott McCarron accused Phil Mickelson of cheating for using a Ping L-wedge from before 1990 and using a loop hole in the new “square groove rule.”

Here is my 2 cents. I know Scott from my college and Nationwide Tour days. I know Phil from my junior golf and early pro days.

Both good guys…cheating may have been too strong of a word…but I agree with both of them and it proves a point I made months ago.

The rules of golf are vague and ridiculous. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump…That’s all I have to say about that.

EDITED: Maybe I was vague and ridiculous. I didn’t mean I thought Phil cheated. I didn’t think it was right that Scott said that. The article I read said that McCarron’s point that the rule was dumb and it made it easy for people to circumvent the rules and Phil had agreed with that sentiment. Maybe I should stop reading the Orange Country register.

To be clear I like both of these guys, I think McCarron’s choice of words was poor, I have no problem with Phil using the wedge and I have a problem with the rules of golf, not either of the players.

I have a homework assignment for all of you suffering

through the winter without golf.

You are going to spend the rest of the off season doing two things.

1. Make a list of all the things in your pre-shot routine you do. Throwing up grass, lining up, practice swings, visualization, deep breathe, etc. I want you to pick the one that helps you relax the most and the one that helps you line up the best and eliminate the rest. If you can’t do it in less than 20 seconds, you only get to keep one of them.

2. Make a list of all your swing thoughts…and eliminate all of them but one.

Go out and play your first round when it gets warm enough. I bet most of you shoot as well or better than you were before you had to stop playing. The ones that don’t…you need to do this even more because you aren’t having enough fun playing golf.

Think of it like counting cards in blackjack. Most who try and do it, get confused and lose all their money. The ones who can do it, are thinking so much they don’t enjoy the act of playing.

Now if your only goal in golf is too shoot the lowest score possible…by all means disregard this post. If your goal is to have the best combination of fun and low scores…this may be the most important thing I have written.

Setup post and video

Bend at waist first, then bend at knees.

Exit high, exit low.

It isn’t something you can force, but it tells you what is going on. Kind of a diagnostic tool. The video is mostly self explanatory and I invite all readers to add any of the issues I may have missed.

The point of this video is that watching how your club exits can eliminate a lot of issues when trying to figure out what is wrong with your swing.

Pay attention. This will help you a lot.

I can be verbose, today I am not going to be. Read the statement below and realize how guilty you are of this…and realize how often you have not improved because you failed to realize that a change in your swing takes time to work it’s way in…and take into account how seldom you practice and how often PGA Tour players practice. That makes the following truth that much more stupefying.

PGA Tour players make one small change and expect to hit bad shots initially. Amateurs try and make multiple changes at once and expect to hit every shot perfectly…immediately.

…and you know how much I hate consecutive adverbs. 🙂

What the Bob Hope tells us about the state of golf.

(This is another one of those posts where you have to make it to the end before deciding if I am a jackass.)

If you put your opinions about what you think you need to do for your own game aside while you read this, you won’t be offended, you will see you are taking yourself too seriously, you will have more fun and you will shoot lower.

The Bob Hope used to be a premier event on the PGA Tour. All the top players, big name celebs and major network coverage. So why were none of the top 27 players there and why was the final round relegated to The Golf Channel?

I will tell you why. It is for one reason and one reason only…and it creates a domino affect. Amateur golfers take themselves way too seriously (pros do to and I don’t agree with that either, but they are skilled enough and are playing for their job).

Do you think Vijay Singh, Anthony Kim and even fan friendly Phil Mickelson want to sit on the course for 6-6/12 hours with four 15 handicaps grinding on their swing planes, pre-shot routines and being asked every shot exactly what yardage they have by guys who don’t know how far they hit their clubs within 15 yards, never mind 1 yard?…or would they rather take a 6 or 7 figure appearance fee to play in Dubai?

It always amazed me that amateur golfers would grind during a pro-am because they were out to prove to the pro that they were a good player. I’ll let you in on a secret. If an amateur…even a plus handicap, shot his career round, any pro is still going to think they are a chop…don’t compound it by taking yourself too seriously and being a duck.

I said earlier not to be offended. I have changed my mind. I am hoping I offend all of you into “giving it a rest,” and I am saying this for your own good. A one man intervention so to speak. If being a jerk helps some of you shoot lower…I am the man for the job.

Trust me, knowing the exact frequency of your shafts, knowing if your swing plane is an inch off at P4 and having to start your 2 minute pre-shot routine all over again because you forgot in step 8 if you threw up grass 3 times or 4…that is not going to help your game. It is ruining your fun, which makes your scores go up. Having more fun is way more important to your scores than any side benefit you may get from knowing all of the things I said in the beginning of the paragraph…actually, knowing all of those things is a detriment, because if you are aware of all of that stuff, the brain is not focusing on getting the ball in the hole.(remember I have admitted to doing all of these bad things too…that is how I know they are bad)

Plus, it makes golf take 6+ hours. Doesn’t it make you mad when you are on a two lane road and someone is driving 20 miles an hour and you can’t pass? A golf course is like a two lane road with no ability to pass.

I am sure all of you guys know someone who has a homemade swing and grabs the club out of the bag and hits the ball all in one motion… he has a set of clubs from 1985…and he beats your behind.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve your swing, or having a set of clubs that fits you. However, it has been taken to an extreme that is causing us all to lose sight of what is really important.

It’s a game and is supposed to be fun…and fun has a more positive affect on scores than perfect equipment, perfect swing mechanics and a rehearsed pre-shot routine that can be measured by a sundial.

“Hey Vijay, you said I had 162. I hit my 7 iron 164 and I am in the front bunker, that was a bad yardage. Maybe I didn’t loadshift enough, could you come over here and take a look. I need to par in for 83 and that is 2 shots under what my index is for the slope on this course. Maybe the cold weather is affecting my ball flight. I need to go have my shafts changed from 6.3 to 6.2 flex to compensate for the wet conditions and that’s why I was short…can you get me into the Titleist van after the round. Maybe if I would have thrown grass up again I would have seen it was a quartering wind and it turned out to be a 3/4 club wind instead of a 1/2 club wind.”

That…times four players for 6+ hours, four days in a row, or $500,000 in chips at the Casino in the Vegas of the Middle East just for showing up…HMMM? What should I do??????

One of the best drills ever.

This needs very little explanation. If you are at work and can’t see youtube, go home and watch it.