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Wide to narrow

It can mean two things in context with today’s post. Either the hands or the club (usually both) trace a narrower path coming into the ball than they did in the back swing…from a head on view.

Tiger’s first event of the year

(First off I went and saw Andy and Mike do a clinic. They invented Stack and Tilt. I am not a convert but I was surprised how much in common my ideas had with theirs. As soon as I collate all the notes I text myself, I will do a write up in the next few days.

Quite a bit of ranting follows. Doesn’t make it less true. I am frustrated for all of us.)

Tiger, forget all of these big name teachers with swing systems and call me…or better yet, swallow your pride and go back to Butch.

If you want to break Jack’s record, you need to do one of these two things. I know, I know, I talk big, but I honestly think with my experience as a long hitter, a solid player and being stuck for so long…I could help him more than anyone but Butch.

Actually, Nick Faldo had a nice, simple and correct explanation of Tiger’s issues. Maybe he’s available.

Haney made him swing like Mark O’Meara, then like Charles Barkley (Kelvin Miyahira did a brilliant frame by frame swing analysis that showed this. Someone who knows what I am talking about, please post the link). Here is the LINK…thank you banchline

Sean Foley has fixed some of his issues, but Tiger, he is teaching you to swing like Charlie Wi.

I think he had more club slams than birdies this week. You know why he was slamming his club? Not so much because the shot was bad, as some of them weren’t even that bad. I recognize that frustration and I will call it High Club Head Speed and Stuck Frustration Syndrome. I had that disease for 15 years give or take.

I had a friend watch me shoot 65 and break two clubs. Only someone who has experienced it can understand it. Like I have said before, it is like being constipated.

Like Tiger or not, golf is more interesting when he plays well…and he won’t play well consistently again until he gets the club unstuck by maintaining his level better.

My buddy Peter Kostis was at it again. Taking another swing anomaly that only a world class player can partially control and preaching it to the masses. I have been told he is a really nice guy, and it seems that way, but his swing analysis on CBS is often misleading…and dangerous to listen to.

Phil Mickelson going from wide to narrow is a good thing for people to think about? Really??????!!!!!!!!! He even said it could lead to inconsistency. Why do you want people to think about something that you admit could lead to inconsistency?

The very next shot Phil hit after Peter’s analysis, going wide to narrow gave him a problem. He got stuck, got steep, double crossed it and almost injured himself…and even Peter said the angle of attack was too steep….DUUUUUUUUUUUH!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s what going wide to narrow is you dork!!!!

Sorry. 😀

Phil has some of the most talented hands in the world and still has problems with that wide to narrow sometimes…especially under pressure. Everyone does. How do you think Phil blocked it left and lost the US Open at Winged Foot? He went wide to narrow, got stuck and left the face open.

More than 95% of the people watching the telecast would get the shanks if they tried to go wide to narrow on purpose. Right now, 5000-10000 golfers nationwide are going to listen to that drivel and get the shanks within the next 6 months, if not sooner. They will either quit golf or find a stack and tilt guy to fix them after Peter raves about Tiger’s swing the first time he wins so he won’t get shut out of interviews…like he did when he actually said something intelligent and criticized Tiger’s head dive.

If Peter was a weight loss nutritionist he would tell people to go to Tijuana and drink lots of water.

“Network” rants over. On to the golf. I love Torrey Pines. One of these days I am going to perform cranial removal surgery on myself and qualify for the Farmer’s. This is the way golf is supposed to be played. 1/2 shot penalties for bad shots, difficult rough, tough 4 foot putts all day long, places to miss the ball one one side or the other and opportunities to recover if you miss it in the proper place. No elephants in the greens, no canyons in the middle of the fairway, no million dollar waterfalls, no windmills, no clown’s mouths…just hit the ball, find it and hit it again.

I am always happy when Phil plays well as he is fun to watch when he does. However, thousands of golfers (as I said above), are going to go out to the range tomorrow and practice wide to narrow and will be suicidal within days.

Oh look, he blocked his tee shot on the 72nd hole…HEY PETE…wanna tell us why that happened on Swing Vision? OK, maybe the rants weren’t over.

That was some awesome grandstanding on 18 having Bones attend the pin…especially when he almost holed hit. Took some balls to do that, as he would have looked like an a$$ if he blocked it 20 feet left into the bunker….after going too wide to narrow. 😀

I really like Vegas’ (not going to even try to spell his first name) personality and swing. That is how a release done properly can hit the ball a long way. No forced lag. I was bummed when he was short on the 72nd hole.

Speaking of a proper release, no forced lag and huge tee shots, I told you guys Bubba was going to have a breakout year. I will say it again. He will win more majors than Tiger this year.

The longest hitter on the PGA Tour and he probably releases it harder than anyone. He actually exhibits something I will talk about tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the central point of my theory on how to hit it farther, with accuracy.

Educating myself

I am not a big fan of Stack and Tilt, but regardless of what you may think, I am open minded.

Today the inventors of S&T are giving a clinic nearby and I am going to go and see what they have to say.

I am going to learn more. I may learn how to explain the reasons why I don’t like it…I may learn it is a viable option for some people.

In golf, you can always learn more.

This week coming up

is going to be a really good week. I think you are going to enjoy the posts and find them informative and entertaining.

Next week, as well.

(Guest Column #1) The benefits of visualization.

From Banner12:

How often do you get to the tee and look out at the fairway and simply not feel comfortable? Architects just love to make the player uncomfortable on the tee with narrow landing areas, hazards, mounds and my personal favorite, a blind tee shot. Pros are not immune to this as they often say the shot didn’t fit my eye. OTOH, there are holes that fit your eye and give you confidence to hit the shot. When one plays don’t you have certain holes you hate and some you love?

My last hole in one a few months ago I came to the tee and where the tee was located, where the pin was located, the way the wind was blowing, I just felt it set up perfectly, so much so that I told my playing partner, “I haven’t had a hole in 1 lately, this could be it.” And I NEVER say that. Sure enough it happened.

What I believe was going on was an unconscious visualization that made me feel intuitively that I could hit a good shot and it could be close. On the tee a few holes later I felt uncomfortable and consequently hit a poor shot. One might immediately think of mechanics to correct this, but that can often make things worse since the golf swing does not happen in a vacuum. One correction/compensation can lead to another problem which leads to another and on and on. Unraveling that mess leads to drinking and worse.

The human mind can do amazing things. Nancy Lopez once said this when someone asked her how she hit a draw and how she hit a fade, “I just think ‘draw’ and think ‘fade’.” Now this may seem nuts to a lot of players, but go try it on the range some time. Look out to a target and visualize the ball from the ground in front of you traveling to the target on the exact line you want it to, direction, height and curvature. See it land and roll to a stop. Go up to the ball only thinking about that image over and over. Then go up to the ball and hit it. Do the same thing using a draw visualization. Then do it thinking straight ball. Maybe you might want to use a mechanical adjustment by opening your stance and the face of the club before the fade and closing your stance and the club slightly for the draw always making sure you adjust your aim for the ball flight.

Putting, pitching, and chipping can all be improved by this. In your mind’s eye watch your ball roll across the green and into the hole. See your chip bounce and roll to the pin. Watch your pitch land EXACTLY where you want it to and stop by or go in the hole. Make this the last thought before you swing.

Ultimately, all you’re doing is simply using a different part of the brain to help your body do what you want it to. Because when you don’t think about what you want to do, you usually don’t do it.

Day 5: Chipping and swing continuity

This last video shows how much easier it is to make solid contact in chipping and pitching when you allow the release to happen.

This video is the most helpful of the five, as short game is where most of the shots are saved at any skill level. If anyone, after watching the first four days, watches this and still feels widening the arc and/or lagging the club on the way down is the way to do it…I am not ever going to convince them that it is a more difficult way to play.

I touch on it briefly in the video, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a consistent move from driver all the way down to the shortest chips.

The club and setup dictate different shots, but the mechanics of the swing should be essentially the same. It only makes sense that the more consistent your swing is through the bag, the easier it is to repeat the motion and the less different things you have to practice.

If you only have a few hours, or even just one hour to practice a week…or even a are you building a repeatable motion when you float load and hold the lag on driver for distance (which obviously won’t work on short shots) and then use a completely different motion to hit a 5-iron, a 7-iron out of the trees and a 30 yard pitch? The answer is you can’t, so you must find a similar motion for every shot and just adjust the setup to dictate the shot.

Link to

Bad debut for Tiger.

3 under on the North with no birdies on the par 5’s and only hitting 1 of 3 fairways.

69 on the North is equal to about 75 on the South…or worse.

I really like Ricky Fowler.

I still reserve my position till Monday, but it doesn’t look good.