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Today I have to figure out…

…how to hit that bomb without tearing my shoulder up.

I did discover the importance of knowing that you are getting that left shoulder behind the ball and you are making a false turn when you are not and think you are….duh.

Took some videos of my swing on chips, pitches, 48″ driver and stuff in between. Experimented doing some things slightly wrong to compare.

You can make a huge lateral move off the ball and not get your left shoulder behind the ball. You can’t reverse pivot and get your left shoulder behind the ball.

Therefore, by the transitive property, if you get your left shoulder behind the ball (and throw in balanced properly), you are likely not making too much of a lateral move, nor reverse pivoting.

…and likely making a big turn properly.

The dangers of searching for “the swing”

There is a young fellow on GolfWrx who is all excited about his “transformation.”

I didn’t want to rain on his parade because he has worked so hard, but I believe his “before” swing was better. More freedom of movement, while the “after” looks contrived and restricted.

He has less hip turn, his right elbow is still stuck and his neck is really contorted at impact.

The irony is he is trying to copy Hunter Mahan and it has that look, but Hunter gets his right elbow way in front of his right hip and that flaw still exists.

Link to thread and video

Boy am I tired

No, not another rant, physically tired.

The driver I am hitting is 48″ and has a 100 gram weight in the butt.

I just hit about 100 as hard as I could…and it’s 96* here.

My arms are so tired I can’t lift one high enough to pick my nose, and my back is so tired, I am going to have to go all “Coming to America” and get some “wipers.”

I can see while training for the REMAX, that personal hygiene will have to take a back seat. I am going to fit in perfectly in Mesquite now.

BTW-as someone mentioned yesterday, I throw political correctness out with the golf instruction cliches.

I will put it this way. I am not prejudice…I judge everyone, including myself, with equal contempt.

Progress on me winning the REMAX

Let’s start with numbers that can be compared.

My recollection might be off a few mph + -, but David Mobley won with about 130 mph club and 195 mph ball speed.

Vince Chiurlini (runner up) topped out at 135 and 200+.

Pat Dempsey about the same.

These were Trackman numbers and someone please correct me where my recollections were incorrect.

I am 2 weeks into training and I have been topping out at 127 and 185.

However, I had a fun three ball spread yesterday that gives me hope I can be competitive.

I was hitting balls (not with a Trackman), but know it was about the same and hitting balls out to the end if the range at Oak Creek…with the tees almost all the way back and hitting diagonally across range. I was hitting drives that fell into the 127/185 zone mentioned above and they were going into the tree line. Some with some considerable heat left when they hit the tree line. These are mediocre range balls going 320-340.

I then brought out an old feel, I literally hadn’t tried in 15 plus years, that launched three consecutive drives into the tree tops I was hitting the ball into with roll.

For lack of a better way of putting it, I got my hands higher at the top of the swing and tilted more at impact.

These swings were easily into the 130’s and probably approaching, if not achieving 200. The bad news is, it really hurt my shoulder and had to quit it after three swings.

Hopefully I will get stronger and in better shape the next two months, allowing me to make this swing. Mid 120’s and mid 180’s will put me in the top half of the field, with no chance of advancing to the later rounds.

Low to mid 130’s and approaching 200, I am right there with a chance to compete among the elite.

Golf is going to need a “Council of Nicea” soon.

You all have google, so I won’t go into what the Council of Nicea was, but golf needs one of these badly.

I don’t expect everyone to agree on swing methodology, but the world of golf needs to create a common language.

You hear the term flip and it means different things to different people and the two main uses are COMPLETELY different movements/faults.

Tilt to some means bend at the waist (don’t get me started on the waist/hip socket debate), while to others it means bend away from the target.

Maintain spine angle, shoulder turn, level turn, full turn, square club face, inside out path…I haven’t even gotten into the uses of physiological terms that 90% of the people don’t understand, but don’t speak up as not to look stupid.

It all supinates the dorsal flexion of the right frontal lobe of the left undescended testicle.

The bad news for me is the gospel of Monte Scheinblum, will likely be omitted unless I became a class A before this meeting of the minds takes place. Some would say I am a class A of another kind.

The future of golf lies in the hands of my ability to grasp turf grass management, golf event planning, purchasing, fleet cart management, glad handing, ass kissing and a class I have no chance of understanding…intermediate golf instruction.

Why don’t they just add understanding women and toddlers to the curriculum? I really need help there and learning more about that would help me more as an instructor than some of that other stuff.

How many groups did I offend with today’s post? It’s only a matter of time before Martha Burke sets her sights on me, now that they have the token female members at Augusta.

See it’s not only you guys who are brainwashed with garbage.

I have been struggling to get Frank’s hip turn to free up for 4 months now.

Finally yesterday, I told him his right hip needed to get deeper (for the umteenth time) and he tried to. It was still restricted and his right elbow was still on the verge of being behind the hip ( another thing we have discussed many times).

Finally he says to me…”You have been telling me this for a while, so explain this to me. How can I get that hip deeper without my knee straightening some?”

To make a long story short, we both pulled our hair out (although his head is shaved) for the next hour discussing all of the bad thoughts he still believed to be true that he was told by others. There was lots of cursing.

He assumed I thought these things were true and I assumed he knew they weren’t. So they never got discussed.

He turned his hip more, got free into his right heel, his arms stayed connected and he says, “Wow, that feels like a turn now.”

It’s hard to believe that people still think coil and x-factor are valid.

He got an exemption into the event in Pittsburg next week and is hoping for one in Boise as well. He needs to play more.

He took me hunting for the first time and I literally fired my first ever rifle shot. I am one for one. Bagged a wild hog at 100 yards. Perfect shot from a standing position while the hog was moving. Frank was impressed.


Frank hit it better than I have seen him in years. 13 fairways and 16 greens. Probably 12-15 putts inside 15-20 feet…and it feels good too.

It’s all about putting and mental now. His two biggest strengths in the past…now that his swing doesn’t occupy all his efforts, he can be back to working on those two pursuits.

They have a shelter to keep the sun and rain off while practicing on the range.

…and they just got a new shipment of pro v1 and x. We got them right out of the case. Pictures below.