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What’s that sound I hear?

Toilet flushing?
Shortness of breath?

I want to congratulate the European’s for thoroughly outplaying the Yanks when it mattered most.

Looks like I still have it.

I competed in my first real long drive contest in 15 years today (Saturday).

I was the #1 qualifier in the preliminary rounds, hit the longest drive of the day (381) in the semi-final and lost in the final to Vince Ciurluini 375-373.

Vince has finished 2nd at the last two Remax World Long Drive Championships in Mesquite.

I don’t want to sound like the typical turd who says he didn’t have his A game, because I did hit very well. I filled up the grid. What I will say is I was getting my upper body in front of the ball and hitting the ball slightly low and in the heel.

The point is not to make an excuse for losing, Vince was great and deserved to win and I am thrilled with how well I did. My point is I have room to improve before Mesquite in 3 weeks.

For you numbers guys, there was a Trackman there and I topped out at 130 mph club speed and 193 ball speed. That being the case, I am easily capable of putting up 135 and 200.

I also learned alot about the setup of my club. I had a lighter shaft in a 6 degree and a heavier shaft in a 5 degree driver. I got more club and ball speed with the lighter shaft and the same launch angle, but the 5 degree spun less. One might say the lighter shaft caused the higher spin, but I read the numbers and felt the shafts…the lighter shaft flexes the same, but the lower loft always produces less spin.

Thanks to Steve Pratt for answering all my questions…it helped a great deal to have the Trackman there to adjust to optimum levels.

Tiger is officially a goat humper

I do love the Ryder Cup. I watched the War by the Shore this morning. Dave Sr. was captain and Dave Jr. was calling me with updates. That was a fun week for me.

Keegan Bradley…WOW!!!!!

Nicolas Colsaerts…one of the 5 best rounds in the history of golf.

Someone asked me about Tiger’s swing. As I have been saying for a year or two, his shoulder turn is too vertical. I won’t go into the laundry list of problems this is causing him, but I will simplify with it has the club coming in too open to the target line.

When he is hitting shots fairly easy, he is able to save it. The more speed he creates, the worse this problem becomes…the vertical shoulder turn gets away from him and he early extends.

Left arm rotation

People have been asking me what I mean by more left arm rotation and how does that differ from rolling the wrists or forearms.

Here you go.

Stand straight up and down and extend your left arm away from you with your palm down and your left elbow pointed left of you. Now rotate your arm so the back of your left hand is pointed left of you and your elbow is pointed down.

That is the move that will keep you connected and give you a gradual release.

The object of the release is to…

…connect the club face rotation to the rotation of the body.

Try and make slow practice swings by float loading, holding lag, pulling the handle, casting, swinging inside out, etc….and connect the rotation of the face to the rotation of the body.

Imagine how hard it would be to do this while making a full swing at the ball.

The efficient takeaway

You guys wanted a video. For all the free stuff you guys get, you better buy the DVD and book I get contracted to do after Frank wins again. 😀


Now of course it is not this simple…but if amateur golfers make a list of things they want to do…

Avoid over the top, compress ball, more power, etc…

One thing that is common in good swings that produce these things that higher handicap and inconsistent golfers don’t have…

Separation between the left shoulder and chin to start downswing and it increases throughout downswing.