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The dangers of very flat and one plane swings.

The bane of the existence of most mid to high handicap golfers and very strong and high speed golfers…is getting steep and/or narrow on the downswing.

That being the case, having a very flat backswing and/or attempting a one plane swing is a recipe for disaster and leaves you very low margin of error.

Matt Kucher not withstanding, having your left arm across your chest and below your right shoulder at the top of the backswing, is just asking to be steep, narrow and…bad at golf.

Now the devil’s advocate would say lifting too much and having arm over run is bad.

Well, it is, but like in politics, the ends of the spectrum can be dangerous and offensive.

I believe while a one plane swing may be more efficient on paper, it gives you no wiggle room.

The other point to make is if you give yourself some room to shallow the arms on the way down, you may stumble into a really good swing that many would consider one plane.

However, trying to thread the one plane pinhole (I have observed) can end up on the shanks and other bad shot patterns.

If you sway

You don’t have a good hip turn in the backswing…and the right hip isn’t getting behind the right properly.

Using the ground for leverage

Try this…not only as a drill, but possibly as a swing feel.

Push into the ground with the right foot on the backswing, push into the ground with the left foot on the downswing.

It works on chipping and pitching too.

Obviously if you are left handed, switch feet.

Getting better at golf takes three things

1. The desire to get better
2. A direction
3. Following that direction

The problem is getting all three of those things correct seems to be a long shot and that’s why handicaps aren’t going down internationally…in spite of technology.

He made 21 birdies

I know in golf you are only as good as your worst shot, but when you make 21 birdies and shoot 6 under with only 1 double, that tells me two things.

You can golf your ball…and there is an issue of trust involved with swing changes when the shot doesn’t fit your eye and/or when your are nervous.

It doesn’t get any more nerve racking than 2nd stage. I can painfully attest to that.

As I’ve said. He’s back physically, now it’s time to recover mentally.

Not looking good so far-Edit

Wind not blowing as forecasted and he is +1 thru 7. Probably needs to be -3 today.

Even through 12 and 5 under for tournament. Officials thinking 7-under is number. That’s two birdies coming in.

Birdied 13

Edit…..birdied 14 to get to 2 under today and 7 under for tourney, then 3 putted 15 for bogey. Getting text updates from wife and friend who are there.

Needs to birdie at least one, possibly two of last three to make it. He is 4 over for week on 18.

This is brutal.

Edit….birdie on 16 and par on 17. For those with whiplash, he is 2 under for day and -7 for week. Projected cut is -7 or -8 with Moby Dick (18th hole) looming.

Bogey on 18. 5 over for the week on that hole and -11 on the rest of the course.

I can hear the circus calliope

Frank shot 70 again today and is in position to make it. I have watched him go through the 3 steps forward, 2 steps back process for 7 months now.

His friend was there watching (and I trust his observations) said Frank looked even better today than yesterday. He bogey 9-11 and 3 putted that damned 18th hole (He is 4 over for three days there).

He is very angry with himself this week, but is a tough SOB. Every round he started off well with his rhythm, balance and the proper turn of his swing. He was connected, with no arm over run and no hip thrust. He admitted he could feel himself revert and get out of sync and was frustrated with himself.

I made him laugh when I said, “Sorry Frank, you are actually a human being and I can’t help you with that.”

It is 100% across the board that golfers at all levels revert to long time bad habits when they get tired mentally or physically and/or nervous.

The forecast is for 20 mph winds tomorrow, so predicting a target score is impossible. He is good in the wind and the field will likely struggle. His physical game is solid to excellent. His mental game is as strong as I have ever seen anyone.

His emotional game (as many of you know I have separated this from mental game), is the only part that can derail him. If he stays in the moment, he will make it. If he starts having thoughts of how painful another year of not having full status on one of the two tours, it’s going to be close…a coin toss if you will. This is the factor where I REPEATEDLY failed.

I know he can do it. Come on big cheese, we are all rooting for you.

Tomorrow, one of these two videos is going to apply to both of us.