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Happy New Year. The scariest shot in golf.

Someone asked on GolfWrx what the scariest shot is and I responded….


Without a doubt the scariest shot in golf is when your swing is out of whack and you are coming in steep and hitting everything in the heel. You block a driver in the crowd on the right.

The marshal has cleared a path for you and there are people for about 30-40 yards and 10 feet to the right.

…and the ball is below your feet.

Happened to me on consecutive holes and I had these thoughts….

“Haven’t shanked a ball in a while and I have had 4-5 near hotzel experiences today. Wonder if my liability insurance is paid? What’s way left.? What if I avoid the shank so bad, that I toe shank it into the crowd? OMG, there are a lot of little kids in the crowd. If I killed someone, would I make Sportscenter and have Dean Beemon put a hit on me? Wait, if I hit a great shot, that hot blond might come back to my hotel with me. How many under am I today? Sh!t, there’s OB left.

Punch 3-wood it is.

The Transition

It dawned on me the other day when responding to a post on GolfWrx, that I don’t teach anything that happens later than the transition. This wasn’t by design or on purpose. It’s just I have inherently realized that everything that happens after the transition is a foregone conclusion and can’t be manipulated consciously. That being the case, transition is huge in what happens at impact.

This is a post and video from March.


This video will divide you into two general groups.

1. The ones who love it and either work on this already…or are going to immediately go out there and work on it.

2. Those that don’t agree with it.

Group #2 will actually get the most benefit from it, because they have bad sequences..and most likely suffer from one of the problems below. 😀

If you can improve your transition to incorporate some form of this video properly, it will eliminate:

Over the top-completely eliminate
“Getting Quick”-completely
Getting stuck-mostly
Hanging back-completely
Reverse pivot-mostly
Snap hooks-partially
Pull slice-mostly
Drop kicks-completely
Early flip-partially

Many more.

Will have some great new videos after Jan 1

Taking a little break from posting. I’ll repost some old posts that were popular in the next week.

After the first, I’m going to film some new videos that will be helpful to many.

Happy Holidays.

If I were granted one golf wish

And winning a major or some such career making event were not an option, I would wish for this.

Saturday morning I get to tee it up at Pebble on a 75* sunny day.

The 4-some in front of me is made up of people who dole out complicated (and completely incorrect) advice to everyone who will listen…like a certain JR on Golfwrx and I get to hit into them with impunity.

After spending Saturday night at The Lodge with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and a non lethal dose of Viagra…sorry, I mean Cialis, the official flag stick pill of the PGA Tour…

The next morning…

I am magically transported to the first tee at St. Andrews where the 4-some in front of me is Leadbetter, Haney, Pelz and McClean, wearing leopard G’s, during a typical nasty British Open weather day, that takes 6 hours, and for each stroke they shoot over 90, they have to donate $100,000 to a disease charity of their choice…while I hit into them with impunity.

This is my Old Milwaukee commercial.

This video epitomizes golf instruction

Clooney, Pitt and Coltrane represent swing systems, big name golf instructors and their videos and books and Damon represents the average golfer.

It’s not unlike one of my lessons

The number of times i have had interactions like this during lessons is immeasurable. First, I have to dispel misconceptions and incorrect assumptions. Then they end up proving the point all by themselves.

Thought you guys would find the interaction interesting in this thread. The Jon Robert guy responds in almost as many threads a I do and his responses are classic.

Watch the video of the Fowler analysis and it’s even funnier.

LINK to thread

The perfect backswing…

…is individual and universal at the same time.

At the top of the swing, you want the armswing to match the shoulder turn…it just happens to be easier to do that if they are in sync the whole back swing.

There are many combinations that work and don’t work.

If the arms lift too much off the ball, they are steeper than the shoulder turn and will need to drop a lot in transition. Jim Furyk.

If the arms are too low off the ball, they have to lift late in the backswing. Ray Floyd.

I listed two extremes that make that work.

Many beginners have the early arm lift and come back down on that same steep plane as they haven’t learned to sync upper and lower body coordination. They are told low and slow and end up as…

Most golfers that are mid to high handicappers have armswings that are flatter than the shoulder turn off the ball and that forces them to reroute the arms over the top and don’t shift to the front side well to avoid that.

A basic principle that is not covered enough, if at all, in modern golf instruction, is learning to match armswing and shoulder turn in backswing.

The golf swing can be as simple as…

Match arm and shoulder swings, bump, dump and turn.