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Better Shoulder rotation

A quote from the great Jackie Burke

When watching a student mull over a club choice…

JB…”What club would you hit over the green.”


JB…”Wouldn’t that make this a 6?”

College golf

I watching one if my students play in a college golf tournament.

These poor kids are way too tense. Way worse than a PGA tour event.

My boy is so tense, he couldn’t pass a greased BB.

It’s not just him, it’s the while field…and it’s not his dad either. His dad is walking with me and he is one if the nicest, low key sports dads I have ever met. He emailed me the other day and told me his son was too tense and needed to loosen up to play better. He wasn’t kidding. It’s worse than he described.

Come on guys, you have your whole lives to be tense and miserable.

At least they play fast.

Distance from the ball

Just a little simple test that tells you ABOUT how far you should currently stand from the ball with the swing you have.

I’m hitting for the Navy Seals

I am donating my time today by standing on a hole and hitting drives for charity. The tournament benefits Navy Seals.

If I have ever helped you with your swing or said something here that benefitted your game…take the time to find a Navy Seals charity or a military charity in your nation and donate the price of a golf lesson.

Perception versus reality

Frank is a two time PGA tour winner.

Pretty much puts him in the top one one hundredth percentile of awareness of what to do with his body to hit a good golf shot.

We have worked for a year to not have his hip turn so level. His right hip needed to work up more.

He tells me last week he hates that and I agreed it wasn’t working. He then tells me it feels better if his right hip went down.

What he showed me was the hip going straight up.

Feel is not real.

Arm lift

You must have early arm lift, to avoid late arm lift.