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What drives the golf swing?

All of these method based debates, pivot driven, hands, CP, CF, etc., etc., etc.

I don’t think it’s any more complicated than this.

The golf swing is a cohesive effort. Some people need to FEEL more body oriented, while other people need to feel more hands and arms. It all depends on what’s too active/passive in each individual. When I am on the lesson tee, I have to tell some people to speed the arms up, while others I have to tell to turn more freely.

Mahan and Johnson have both said they need to feel active arms to feel linked up. They are two of the most pivot driven swingers on tour.

You can’t force yourself into a swing pattern because someone said its the perfect one and a more efficient way do it.

If I tried to bend my right elbow at impact as much as Hogan, I’d break my spine. His wing span was 3-6″ longer than his height. Mine is 2″ shorter. It would be a major forced action.

What would barrel chested Craig (and son Kevin) Stadler shoot if they forced themselves into a draw swing pattern because…well, just because.

Could Jim Furyk have broken 80 had he decided a one plane swing was the way to go?

How many people would hit the ball over 180 yards with swings thoughts like…

“Move the upper body as far behind the all as possible.”

“Hang back.”

“Throw away the angle and get a bowed RIGHT wrist at impact.”

I won a world title with those three thoughts.

Swing systems/methods are destined to succeed/fail the same way

All of these methods about copying robots, famous players or mimic the movements of mating rhinos are all destined to have the same results. The people who increase their practice time in order to “get it” will get better just as a default of more time and effort. Those will be the poster children for all who fail by reverting or quitting.

I guarantee (the sad part is this is unrealistic and I can’t prove myself right) that if you gave me 5 young stars and I taught them to swing exactly like Jim Furyk, down to his mind numbing putting routine, I would have one or two failures, one or two serviceable mini-tour/ pros and one guy who made the tour at least once. Coincidentally, the same success level those guys would have had if they worked as hard as they would without the Monte does Jim Furyk swing system.

As long as they practiced the 6-8 hours a day as all of the “success stories” of all the other method followers did…and I taught them to play golf correctly, it would turn out the way I said.

Then all of chops and ducks would flock to me and the only ones who would get better are the ones who practiced more than they did before they came to see me and the rest would quit.

Actually, swinging like Jim Furyk has as much or more merit for the average golfer than any other method or mimicry system out there.

Really though, do you wanna get better at golf? Find out what creates your worst miss and stop doing that. Welcome to the Slick Scheinblum Scratch-o-rama Surefire Success Swing System Seminar.

300 yard drives, plus handicaps, crack and whores for everyone.

My latest GolfWrx article

If you’ve seen it. Read it again.


More on yesterday’s topic

Here is one of the comments from yesterday. It’s really good so I want to acknowledge it. My comments are below. This may be the most under analyzed and important things in the golf swing. Especially where it relates to lag and forward shaft lean. Everyone is too busy attacking the problem directly.

Guarantee. You fix this, you immediately get more lag, shaft lean, distance and accuracy…while fixing nothing else.


Hi all, and Monte,
The random golfer has no tilt behind the ball. He has turned in a way so that his front shoulder is turned towards his front foot instead of his rear. It seems like to me in an effort to make a full turn and get his club to parallel at the top, he has turned so far as to pull himself target-wards. From this spot he would have to make a massive move with his lower body to get himself unstuck from this position. All of the speed and power in his swing would be gone before he got anywhere near the ball. I would also venture a guess that this golfer would start to run out of room to turn by the time he gets near impact since he has to unwind a lot just to get to a spot where he can swing freely.
Monte on the other hand has turned in a way to keep his secondary tilt, notice the spine angle away from the target and has turned his lead shoulder over the rear foot. This would allow space for his arms to fall and as he leads with the lower body he creates more room without losing speed. Like monte says, do nothing to slow down the arms.
Anyway that is just my thoughts. Great topic Monte, I cant wait to hear you expound on it.


The only important factor that was left out…and more like it just wasn’t explained the way I will.

Golfers lose tilt behind the ball in order to create false shoulder turn they are not capable of. Turning your back to the target is notorious for creating this motion. Look again at the picture below from yesterday and you will see the mirage that the golfer on the right has a 110* shoulder turn, where in essence, it’s only about 75-80*. He lost his spine tilt away from the target and he has no choice but to have a steep angle of attack.

This also opens up room for his arms to move past his turn, which he did a great job of avoiding…most don’t.

Arms past turn, steep angle of attack…a recipe for chucking away lag. You tell this golfer to hold the lag. YIKES!!!!!

He is actually a very good player and the masses of people out there who get in exactly this position (currently almost half my students), the body has no choice but to chuck the lag or a grave digger divot or shank will result. He keeps his arms relatively out in front of him. I see golfers who over run their turn so bad when they reverse tilt, their left arm gets vertical and completely behind their heads. (More good stuff below picture)

There is a secret that this golfer and many of my other clients are seeing success with. The key is not getting the left shoulder over the back foot.

The key is getting the right shoulder (not the left) closer to the back foot. Look at the picture again and you will see what I mean.

That’s where I drew the vertical lines. Where the right shoulder is.

Even Stack and Tilt guys don’t get their right shoulder as close to the left foot as the reverse tilters do.

Getting the right shoulder over the right foot (lefts for lefties) helps you keep tilt behind the ball, gets you into position to have a shallow AoA and no room for your arms to over run your turn.

Guess what…lag city.

Look at is picture of Tiger below. I know I make fun of his swing sometimes, but look how his swing, body tilt and arm positions at the top are just like mine. Balanced and powerful. Especially look at similar arm positions and how the right shoulder is much closer to right foot than the left. This is him practicing a “centered pivot” swing and yet his right shoulder is behind the center of his feet. Look at a picture of Tiger when he moved off the ball early in his career. His vertical right shoulder line would be behind mine.

Now in the photo after, you will see the same positions with Hogan. Even with a flatter and past parallel swing, his arms are still in same place and right shoulder closer to right foot at top…and still tilted away from target at top of swing (take into account camera angle is different).

No reverse tilt, no arms behind head and right shoulder more over right foot at top of swing than left.

Tiger, Hogan and myself are 90* plus shoulder turn and keep arms left of head at top of swing in a face on view. Lots of leverage, room to create speed while having a shallow angle of attack.

Lag city with no handle yanking, float loading or holding the angle.

This position should be the Holy Grail of Golf Instruction…and it’s now mine. Now all golfers are going to have a slightly different look and most are going to be shorter than they would expect. It’s the perfect place to transition from. As I have said before, once the transition happens, the ball is gone and all positions after that are basically irrevocable.

PS-For those of you who are ready to give me drama thinking I compared myself to Tiger and Hogan on the same level being a joke. Not talking about majors won…we are talking about setting the club in a position of power and stability.



Reverse tilting from over rotating the shoulders

See if you spot what I mean. It’s a common problem and like poor eye line, it’s something no one talks about. It something different than a reverse pivot you see in beginners and very high handicappers…as it mostly happens to lower handicappers.

I’ll talk specifics tomorrow.

Preshot routine

Dealing with fools

Yesterday’s post was about how funny golf is and how people offer and receive advice with golf.

Here is the kind of thing I have to deal with on a regular basis. People who “believe” they know what’s important in a golf swing, condescending me. It happens on the range during lessons.

While I am giving a lesson, people will actually throw a comment from the peanut gallery.

Look at the response I got from a particular moron on Golfwrx. Yes, moron.

Now it’s one thing to have a disagreement over theory or course of action, that’s part of rational debate.

It’s something else for a person coming from a place of total ignorance and being snide over something basic. Now to the capper. The poster who was snide to me in the thread linked below, once told someone to hold the lag better when that person had posted a picture of the shaft bending the wrong way due to the rolling shutter affect.