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My latest GolfWrx story

Some of you are familiar with it, but go there any way. Yesterday’s topic was douchbaggery…look at a few of the comments at the bottom of story.

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See how many things this guy said and did that were wrong. BTW, I am referring to the responder and his tone, not the guy who posted his swing.


I will add to this list people who nitpick me when I call myself World Long Drive Champion and those that don’t allow me a little bit of happiness when I have a good day during one of my limited rounds of golf because it wasn’t in the US Open.

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“The swing has to be perfect”

After spending last week with Frank, it is just appaling how much the the journey to a perfect swing has ruined the game.

I have now spent 13 months purging Frank of the “perfect/ideal” swing mechanics that were inflicted upon him. Every time we work together, he has a new gem of a misconception for me, that he assumed was true…and I was working under the assumption there was no way that was polluting his brain with something so ridiculous.

This time it was, “Your shoulders need to be square to the ball and parallel to the target line at impact.”

This is something that he assumed was true and I never knew he thought that. I have been trying to get him to have more open shoulders and hips at impact for more than a year, without using those words as I am not fond of zeroing out impact posiitons.

Frank was under the assumption when I said he needed to rotate more left, that his shoulders were actually closed at impact…feel isn’t real.

He did, however, know that a bent right arm at impact produces results for him, as it was a feel that specifically created one of his victories. What he didn’t know is those issues are conncected…and false modesty aside…I do.

Pivot driven swings have shoulders more open at impact and a more bent right elbow, where more arm and hand driven swings will be more square with a straighter right arm at impact.

Frank is the former, where I am the latter. Hunter Mahan the former, Ricky Fowler, the latter.

You can’t mix fundamnetals like the butcher Frank previously worked with.

“Keep your chest in the shot longer.”

Well folks, that makes Frank’s right arm starighten premaurely, sends the path to the right, closes the face to the path and produces a pull draw. Since Frank likes to line up as far left as he can, swing down his footline and hit a striaght ball or fade….keeping the chest in the shot longer and getting the shoulders square at impact creates the miss he can’t have.

It is like telling someone who is coming from the inside, stalling and flipping at impact to swing more inside out to cure a pull hook.

As soon as we had this conversation, Frank’s right arm got more bent at impact, the path went more left and his hips went from about 20* open at impact to 35*.

I go through his with every client. Every time we get together, I tell them something, they respond, “But…” and the response is always some cliche that doesn’t apply to them, or something just plain wrong.

The swing doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to match. See the Deane Beman video below.

PGA Tour Commissioner, Deane Beman

Most only know him as the predicessor to Tim Finchem. He was a great player. A two time US Amateur Champion, British Amateur Champion and finished second at the US Open.

I am at TPC Sawgrass this week working with Frank Lickliter.

Mr. Beman was practicing out at TPC today and Frank introduced me. He then went off and started hitting 50 yard pithces. I told Frank that was an unreal action for an 81 year old man…even for a 50 year old man.

Frank asked me if I wanted a video, I said yes and he yelled over to the commish if I could come take a video and he said please do.

Mr. Beman came over to where Frank and I were working and talked to us for about an hour. Old stories of the tour, etc…and a great one-liner about Nicklaus that I can’t share…LOL. It was very complementary.

A rant followed about what a good golf swing was all about and he is NOT a fan of the modern swing. He then asked what Frank and I were working on and it was some of the things he said were correct…so he approved of me…LOL.

For those of you familiar with me, when you see his swing below, you will know why I wanted to take a video. I hope my swing at 81 works this well and he regularly shoots his age on the Stadium course.

Played TPC Sawgrass from one foot in rough tips…

…and nasty pins. Shot 69 and lost by 5. Frank helped me with the putter and add that to figuring some setup issues I have been having with driver and I looked like a professional golfer.

Frank had a setup issue that we fixed while he was driving me from airport to his house…lol.

I have seen him shoot low the last year, just not this easy. Couldn’t have cared less what the actual score was. He moved properly though the ball, with a good setup…but more importantly, he is starting to think correctly with the proper mental approach to each shot.

That is what he has been missing. Through 5 years of struggles with his game, he had lost the mental approach that worked for him during his success. Yesterday was the first time I have seen it. Now it’s about carrying that over to tournament play consistently.

Shallow lag versus steep lag

If you pull the handle, ring the bell, etc. to get lag, you are likely steepening the shaft and your body will have to throw away the shaft lean in order to not shank the ball.

If you lead with the body shifting left and the right elbow reconnecting to the body because the shift prevents your hip turn from leaving the right elbow behind…the shaft shallows, your body turns and doesn’t early extend and you get lag and shaft lean as a result.

A technical description of…

Headed down to see Frank in Jacksonville

Something is amiss the last few weeks.

The hard part about swing changes is they have to match. One old bad habit creeps back in, the house of cards falls down.

I am pretty confident he is very close to breaking out. Mostly mental now. Monday qualifiers are awful. If he could just get in 3-4 weeks in a row and just play REAL golf, he’d play his way into shape.

Hey, I get paid to play TPC Sawgrass for a few days… 😀