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My current swing

Inside underneath flip almost gone. Been fighting it for 25 years and can see light at end of the tunnel.

Back in the world championships

On Saturday I made it back into the World Championships.

Round 1, I hit it awful and only got 3 in the grid, but managed to advance. Round two I hit the longest ball of the day at 378 and hit one over 390 that hit a rock and bounced out. I still hit 5 of 6 in…the rock ball was the only miss.

In the winners bracket heads up for the spot in the worlds, the wind died, I hit all 6 in and won 368 to 348. The guy I beat went on to make it trough the losers bracket. Chris Low. One of the nicest guys I have ever met in LD, so kudos to him.

There was some joking before the competition that this was supposed to be an easy region (Salt Lake City) so people came here for an easy ride. No such luck. Besides myself, there were 3 other guys who have finished among the top 4-8 in either the Open or Senior division in the past.


My latest Golfwrx article


Wanna know why it takes 6 hours to play?

Frank was low qualifier

For the Travelers Championship in Connecticut this week.

3-under 67. Obviously a tough course, as only 9 people broke par.

I feel stupid.

I told several people on Thursday and Friday I thought Justin Rose would win as he looked like he was the most free with his move. Now all I can do is be a Monday morning predictor.

I can also rehash my position on Tiger’s Golf swing.

I have an insight here that I don’t think anyone else does. People assumed I didn’t make the tour because I was crooked, had a bad short game, was a bad putter, bad course management, bad attitude, etc.

None of those were true. I was very straight with the driver most of the time, had a great short game I learned from playing the courses at PGA west and my putting was at worst adequate, and at best well above average for a tour level player.

I had two issues, distance control and the occasional foul ball with driver. Sound familiar?

Now I am obviously not putting myself on the same level as Tiger, that would be ridiculous. However, me not being able to make it through Q-school is very similar to Tiger’s inability to win majors the last 4+ years.

Stats don’t tell the whole story. The occasional foul ball with driver and distance control issues with his irons are a result of flaws in his swing.

People would look at my swing and say it was perfect. I look back, they were hideously wrong. My swing was terriblein the context of managing misses. I look at it now and say…”wow, try making that swing work when it’s OB left and right during second stage of Q-school. Bet you could hit some nice 160 yard wedges when you have 135.”

Tiger wins when he is unconscious with the putter, but there are issues with his swing…stats be damned.

I have been saying this for 4+ years. He is going to struggle to win majors with that swing and I will continue to say it despite what is thrown at me.

His arms don’t have enough room. Any other golfer would have trouble winning the secretaries flight of the club championship with that swing unless they stalled and flipped.

The golf swing for any golfer is entirely about having room and with all the “perfect hogan type positions” he is hitting, he has no room.

This is pertinent to all of you for one reason. Forget about positions and supposed ideals. Give yourself room and that is individual…and standing farther away doesn’t necessarily create room.

Merion proves my point about course design

I ave been ranting and raving for 10 years about how ridiculous modern design is.

Here you ave Merion. Under 7000 yards, no rock piles in the middle of the fairway, no canyons 5 feet from the edge of the fairway, no mounds in the fairway that repel the ball into said canyons and no 6 tiered greens.

Yet…look at the scores. I am sure there are throngs of people out here who love the “canyon” courses who are calling this a well manicured muni.