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What’s the “correct” shot?

I watch ams lose their marbles over what shot to play around the greens.

Problem is they approach it like “What’s the correct shot?”

In the context of how a good player would play it.


If you’re afraid of a tight lie and still pull your low bounce LW, you fail the intelligence test.

When I was going through my tight lie yips because I had too much shaft lean, I would run 7-iron up there…or even putter. Place from where no self respecting pro would do those things. It wasn’t the right shot and left myself lots of 12 footers for par, but that’s better than only advancing the ball 3 feet by digging the leading edge. I can promise you it’s less embarrassing to bounce a bunch of putts up there in possible make range, than sodding 3-4 wedges.

Now that I have learned to use the bounce, I can hit LW from loose soil.

The point is, you will be more successful using the comfortable shot versus the “correct shot.”

Go practice the correct shot, but hit the shot you are likely to have the most success with at that moment… “What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.”

What’s coming

I have three great videos coming.

1. The backswing video
2. Depth and width
3. The right arm and the short game

I am also taking a trip to Atlanta to have an audience with the ball department at Bridgestone to see if. we can’t get a really good ball made.

Basically the fact I was able to convert a Tour player and over 200 members of the golf public to a ladies ball carried some weight,

My idea is essentially to add some compression and a premium cover to the general design of a Precept IQ.

The upper body and the backswing

This is going to require a video, but ponder this.

The backswing from the waist up consists of three movements that need to be cohesive.

1. The wrists hinge up
2. The arms rotate so the hands rotate 90*
3. The shoulders turn at 90* to the spine.

You do these things, you end up with what most would consider an excellent backswing.

If you do it correctly and individually in the order I listed, you will see a beautiful thing.

The hard part is doing them cohesively and that’s why we all stink.

Tiger’s second shot in 13


I have faked pain enough times after an embarrassing shot enough times to know what it looks like.


Spine tilt at impact

Is like turning into a skid. Makes no logical sense, but when EVERY good player does it…

There are so few things that all good players exhibit. It’s ironic that I get the most dissenters on this.

I still don’t get how people can argue this point with me and say it makes no sense.

Long drive numbers-getting ready for world championships

I am faster than I was last year by a wide margin.

Last week I maxed out at 137mph… Ball speed 203. Consistently 132-135. Last year I maxed out at 131 and was 128-130. So I am up 5 mph at all levels.

Problem is still with endurance. One day I played 18, had lunch and took 2 hours off, then maxed out at 130 and was 125-128. Still better than last year and earlier this year when I got tired, but it’s a problem.

I am not tiring as quickly or as much, but my max will beat about anyone in the 45 and over and I am near being competitive in the Open…but this gassing effect is bad.

Now I’m obviously not going to play 18, have Taco Bell, cool down for 2 hours and go hit in Mesquite…but I have done a similar warm up cool down and wait like will happen at worlds…and I still slow down to as low as 128 on session 3. As a frame of reference, last year in the losers bracket trying to make it in the quarter finals, I had probably slowed down to around 123.

I have the same speed as the top 2-3 guys now and I hit more good balls than they do, but I need to do a better job of hydrating and eating the right food…because when I do that…

I had a session yesterday where over a 2 hour period I maxed out, rested, cooled down and hit again, then did the same scenario again. I ate good proteins and drank water and didn’t exert myself when warming up.

I hit 18 balls (3 rounds worth). I hit 17 in an imaginary grid. Maxed out at 136 and 130 was the lowest…however, my last ball was 134 and was the best ball of the 3 sessions.

I have a month. Need to get that cardio up and eat right.

Tilt creates hitting down, shaft lean and “compression”

Even tough I hate the ideas of tilting down on the ball, shaft lean and compression, because they are huge misnomers, I understand the issue.

What I don’t understand is people continue to be obtuse in understanding that you MUST have spine tilt behind the ball at impact to achieve these things. All evidence to the contrary, they want to cover the balls, get the spine perpendicular, get upper body forward, etc.

How many things about the swing have to be understood as counter intuitive before this one sinks in.

Whenever anyone argues this subject with me, I say, “Go to YouTube and find me one great players who didn’t have tilt at impact, even with a wedge…even on a knockdown wedge.”

I have never gotten a response. Lickliter saw me have this debate with someone at Sawgrass and when I was about to deliver that line, he not erupted and said, “Monte is about to tell you to go to YouTube and find someone who doesn’t have impact tilt. Let me save you the trouble. There isn’t anyone. Use some common sense. Without any tilt, you will dig the club in the ground if you don’t throw away the angle. Now leave him alone, he’s trying to fix what a moron who thought like you ruined.”

Below are stills of me hitting 7-iron. You will see a very nice P6 and a shallow angle of attack when the circle is one the club face coming into impact in the first two. In the second two, you will see address and that I increased my secondary tilt from address to impact about 12* to a total of 25*.

(App reads a vertical line as 90*. So 77* at address is 13* of tilt and 65* at impact is 25* of tilt away from target.)

In the post impact still and video below the stills, you will see a nice tuft of grass and dirt fly from a perfectly compressed ball that Trackman said was carrying upwards of 185 yards.

Guess what I see in almost all early flippers/casters? Low single digits of tilt behind the ball to tilt toward the target at impact…and spines in front of the ball. Guess how your body reacts to that?

****! If we don’t chuck the club, we are going to dig a trench and that hurts Mayday! Mayday! Throw the lag away, elbow neck and spine injury protocol #7.,,.Cast, Cast, Cast!

Guess how the body reacts to proper tilt created by the upper body staying back and lower body moving forward?

Danger, Danger, we are going to miss the ball if we don’t get those arms moving and create some shaft lean. We are about to top an iron shot, get those hands forward.