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Shoulder turn

I have had so many people both on the range and in online lessons have the same problem, I thought I would revisit this video that has become my most viewed.

People turn their shoulders too flat going back and get too vertical coming down.

Either by necessity to hit the ball, or as a result of getting too inside, lifting the arms late and being forced to drop the right shoulder too much to come from the inside.

The left shoulder needs to work down and out in the backswing in order to keep your spine angle relatively constant in the down the line two dimensionally.

…and your right shoulder needs to work down and out in order to keep the spine angle constant on the downswing.

The dissenters will say that’s over the top on the downswing, but that’s only if you lack tilt away from the target.

To simplify.

1. Have SOME spine tilt away from the target throughout the swing.

2. If you hold a shaft in front of your shoulders at address. Keep that shaft perpendicular to your spine and that’s the angle you want your shoulders to move. Left shoulder down and out in the backswing, right shoulder down and out in the downswing.

Journalists print retractions all the time…

…when something they write turns out to be false.

I am retracting what I wrote because it wasn’t taken in the context it was intended.

Frank was a little frustrated on my behalf and wanted to pay me the complement that he thought I was better for him than the #1 guy in the world. End of story,

So for those that were offended by his comments and thought them ill conceived, he was just trying to support his boy. Don’t hold it against him.

As for the individual who called me out personally…I am against censorship and allow every criticism of me to be posted here and have not deleted or banned anyone since I have been doing this blog. That encompasses tens of thousands of people over the nearly 5 years I have been doing this. Normally my response to a troll is to ignore, but after reading your comment, that included profanity, I decided to do a search and found over 30 comments that were nothing but vitriol. Congratulations, you are the first banned for having nothing to offer but being a provocateur. If trying to annoy me made you happy, you have won sir, well played.

As for the rest of you. I will continue to provide as much of my knowledge as I can in articles and videos, so we can all get better, but more importantly have more fun.

Eliminate Upper body sway, loss of lag and other faults. Get me in your home town at my hourly rate with no travel expenses.

Join my Kickstarter project.

There are no training aids available that help eliminate the most common problem among decent players. Too much upper body movement toward the target which causes loss of lag directly.

I hear so many complaints from people who want lessons from me, don’t live near Southern California and don’t want to pay all the travel expenses just for a golf lesson.

Here is your chance at both-CLICK TO LINK

PS-For those that say this is a re-post…you are correct. If you saw my email inbox, this post would make perfect sense 😀

It’s a great device and it actually works.

My training aid-edited

For those who live outside Southern California, it’s an EXTREMELY inexpensive way to get me to come to you at my regular hourly rate.

I have initiated a kickstarter campaign to fund the production, distribution and advertising of my training device. The site has all the details you’ll need to know.

For those who have wanted lessons from me that live outside Southern California, pledging support is an inexpensive way to get me to come to you.

The short game video below has been a success. I will do more.


The short game video is ready

MAKE SURE you download all three files (or just the one you want) to a DESKTOP (It won’t save on a tablet or phone) before you leave the confirmation page.

Other than the fact I say “OK” too many times and “is” twice in a row several times…it turned out really well.

As soon as your paypal is confirmed, you will see the page below. This is where you download the files…and that discount code won’t work 😀

You can watch it on a phone or tablet, but it won’t download. I would suggest doing it on a desktop so you can download it, then transfer it to tablet or phone.

Happy short gaming. There is a trailer below.

LINK to short game purchase and download-click here


My short game video is ready.

I made a 45 minute video on the short game and it was done professionally unlike my youtube videos where I just turn on a camcorder and talk.

It is a simple way to understand and perceive how to deliver the bounce properly and how to avoid chunks and blades. The big thing is it has unique ideas on how to attack and understand this issue.

It covers soft chips, pitches, bump and run, trajectory and spin control and what I feel was the best part of my game, sand play. Lickliter has told me he would have won a major or two and several more tournaments if he could play out of the sand like me.

It also has a fun specialty shot and what two clients have called the voo doo green reading method.

It will be available here as a download for $20. The nominal fee is to cover the costs of making it and not upset clients who pay to learn this in person and thought giving it away for free was not fair to them….or me.

Should be available in the next day or two.

David Feherty quotes

I especially like the Mickelson one.


“That ball is so far left, Lassie couldn’t find it if it was wrapped in bacon.”

“I am sorry Nick Faldo couldn’t be here this week. He is attending the birth of his next wife.”

“They don’t do comedy at the Masters. The Masters, for me, is like holding onto a really big collection of gas for a week. It’s like having my buttocks surgically clenched at Augusta General Hospital on Wednesday, and surgically unclenched on Monday on the way to Hilton Head.”

Jim Furyk’s swing – “It looks like an octopus falling out of a tree.”

“He’s (Luke Donald) a bloody walking ATM. I slid my AmEx between the cheeks of his a$$ and out popped $500.”

“That’s a great shot with that swing.”

“It’s OK – the bunker stopped it.”

“Fortunately, he (Rory) is 22 years old so his right wrist should be the strongest muscle in his body.”

At Augusta 2011 – “It’s just a glorious day. The only way to ruin a day like this would be to play golf on it.”

“That was a great shot – if they’d put the pin there today.”

“Everything moves except his bowels.”

“Watching Phil Mickelson play golf is like watching a drunk chasing a balloon near the edge of a cliff.”

“That green appears smaller than a Pygmie’s nipple”.

Forward this to any golfers with a sense of humor…