Frank Lickliter has his first exempt status since 2010

I was Monday qualifier for over 10 years and had some success, but I never made it through second stage and had the opportunity to know what it was like to just play.

I always tee’d it up knowing I had to make the cut and finish at least top 25. When I was near that number, it changed the way I played. The couple of times I had a chance to win, I’d don’t just play, I was trying to get status.

Plus, I was a hit and miss player. You give me 5 tournaments in a 15 week stretch, odds were against me having a big week.

You give me 30 weeks, 2-3 of those weeks I was making over 20 birdies for 72 holes.

My tangential sob story aside, Frank has had the displeasure of being a Monday Qualifier with little to no status since 2010. It has changed the way he played.

The good news is he now has status in 2015.

The 108 hole Q-school just finished.

The winner got a full exemption on the tour next year. Finishers 2-10 and ties are exempt thru the 12th event. Finishers 11-45 and ties are exempt thru event 8. There is a reshuffle after each 4 events by money earned.

Frank birdied the 108th hole to finish 43rd. He has 8 weeks to learn to play golf the right way again…and there is no question in my mind when the reshuffle happens after 8 events, he will be in the next 21.

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